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"Invisible People" is an interactive photo project about bringing visibility to the multicultural migrant workers in the hotel industry.

by Elena Rabkina

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The "Invisible People" photo project was born out of a desire to give voice and visibility to those who are often overlooked and forgotten in the shadows of the hospitality industry. With the rise of globalization and the increasing demand for cheap labour, migrant workers have become an integral part of the hotel sector, yet their stories and struggles remain largely untold.

In an effort to shed light on these invisible individuals, the artist behind the project embarked on a journey to capture their portraits and document their experiences. The resulting series of 10 photographs were then transformed into an interactive installation, which allows viewers to physically engage with the work and uncover the stories hidden within.

Through the use of transparent photographs and cardboard strips, the project invites visitors to not only see the faces of these workers, but also to engage with their stories and perspectives. The installation prompts viewers to slide the cardboard strip to reveal the portrait behind, creating a sense of discovery and intimacy with the subjects.

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Elena Rabkina hopes to challenge the dominant narrative and provoke a critical conversation about labour migration and the treatment of migrant workers. Exhibited at Transponder in Vienna, Austria, the "Invisible People" project invites viewers to engage with the human stories behind the hotel industry and reflect on the impact of globalisation on our society.

"Invisible People" is a way to pay respect to all the hardworking people, who job is to be invisible, while, at the same time, creating the comfort and quality life improvement for others. I was lucky to discover them and now you have such a chance too.

The work "Invisible People" was exhibited at Transponder, Vienna, Austria in 2022.